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Healing The Total Person

Dr. Gersten's clinical work is truly holistic (body, mind, and spirit) and relies on the information and power of the Health Map (see below). While healing the body and developing OPTIMAL HEALTH and OPTIMAL ENERGY can usually be achieved (unless structural, tissue damage has already set in), empowering the mind and developing an OPTIMAL MIND is essential to total healing. Chronic illness is caused by a minimum of 7 Primary Causes. One of those Primary Causes is inevitably some form of stress, and it usually is responsible for causing 10 - 90 % of the illness (with 30% being average). Protein deficiency, on the other hand, causes about 25% of the total picture. I treat stress like I treat mercury toxicity. Each Primary Cause produces a certain percentage of the total illness. We need to remove the mercury. We also need to deal with stress. In one Mental Fitness Training (MFT) session, we can usually reduce your stress by 50%. Please read the brief bio About Dr. Gersten to understand that his work in strategic counseling and Mental Fitness is deep. He is a recognized pioneer both in Nutritional Medicine and in Mental Fitness Techniques, tools that help you access the mind-body connection to accelerate your healing.

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