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spacer Dr. Gersten's approach to healing is truly holistic. One must bring body, mind, and spirit into balance in order to be healthy, happy, energetic and whole. May you begin to find that balance within Dr. G's Health Digest.

spacer Inside Your Doctor's Head
Most of us know what we want from our doctors — someone well trained, intelligent, compassionate. Someone open-minded and interested in listening to us. Remarkably, research shows that on average, patients are allowed to speak for 12 seconds before their doctor interrupts. Only a very small percentage persist and finish their thought or question.

Intimacy and Physical Health
What is total health? When I evaluate a new patient, I want to know the main symptoms, illnesses, diagnoses, lab work, along with unresolved childhood trauma, ongoing stress, diet, exercise, beliefs and close romantic relationships. This is close to how the family doctor of the 1800's took a history. From that large body of information we can begin to assess total health.

Mind-Body Technology
While the term "mind-body technology" is in common usage, I often use the term "mental fitness techniques." Simply put, we need mental fitness the same way we need physical fitness.

The Tao of the Healer
The Tao of the Healer is a journey through one or more of the various forms of Medicine. It is a journey, which is often unconscious. As each healer begins his journey, he needs to be aware of the type of healer he will ultimately become, whether embarking on a shamanic journey or medical school...

Power of Compassion
"Why are you choosing to create your illness?" If you are suffering from any long-standing illness, you've probably heard these words before. I don't like those words and consider them a great disservice to people in need.

Meaning and Medicine
In every culture, meaning forms the foundation for understanding illness. Making sense of one's illness, and knowing the meaning it holds for us can be as important in the healing process as the recommended medication, operation, amino acid, herb, vitamin, etc.
spacer Embracing Life After September 11th
In order to help people understand their own personal turmoil, I set about the task of identifying the stages that most of us will go through in our journey to recovering from and transcending the turmoil of 9/11...

Holistic Medicine
What is Holistic Medicine? People tend to think of it as being the same as Alternative or Complementary Medicine, but that is not the case. Holistic means understanding disease and wellness in the most thorough way possible.

Lighting the Cell's Fire
Most of life is a beautiful mystery to be appreciated. However, for those who suffer from any kind of chronic illness, there is a strong desire to crack that mystery, get to the core of the problem, and discover the path back to health.

When Will Treatment Be Over?
Before people begin treatment, they frequently ask when it will be over. A reasonable question. The answer depends on what kind of problem you have, how long you've had it, and what your goals are at the beginning of treatment.

Comprehensive Lab Testing
We use state-of-the-art laboratory testing so that there is no guess-work in our "prescription." It is impossible to go to a health food store and buy the right amino acid supplements in the correct daily dosages if you have not been tested. You could waste a great deal of time and money and experience no benefit. In the process, you may have become demoralized about your health and may falsely believed that you "tried amino acid supplementation and it failed."

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