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spacer Whatever your current state of health, you should be able to "find yourself" on this page. We have 4 searchable databases for 100 symptoms and illnesses, drug-induced nutritional deficiencies, optimal wellness and peak performance. The "Condition" pull-down menu has in-depth articles on a variety of common health problems. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is given special attention since I have special expertise in working with this very complex illness. May this page help you on your healing journey. David Gersten, M.D.


Below you will find in depth information regarding specific health issues that may be facing you today.

Chronic Fatigue Solutions
Almost everyone wants more energy. Many of us are dragging at the end of the day, but recuperate after some rest. Others need to spend their entire weekend recuperating from work...

Articles and recommendations on other specific health conditions

Peak Performance: Are you at your best?
See what Dr. Gersten has to say about keeping your mind, body and spirit in Peak Performance.


The following are links to databases that contain a wealth of information outlining specific nutritional products that can assist in dealing with physical conditions.

Symptoms, Illnesses and Nutritional Recommendations
Here you will find more than 100 symptoms and illnesses, along with nutritional supplements that have been found to be helpful for those problems.

Optimal Wellness
By looking at Optimal Wellness, we intend for our years to be both long and healthy.

Drug-Induced Nutrient Deficiencies
This is a partial list of drugs and other preparations. Only the specific, documented nutrient depletions, caused by regular usage, have been noted. Some drugs may not cause any nutrient depletion, or the depletions are not currently known.

Peak Performance Database
Think faster. Improve your physical strength and endurance. Attain peak mental performance, and maintain mental and physical well-being.

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