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In order to consult with Dr. Gersten, first make yourself familiar with his general philosophy of healing through the articles on this page. Then download the Health and Wellness Assessment Form, fill it out, then mail it, along with a recent photograph of yourself to 317 N El Camino Real Suite 201 Encinitas, CA 92024.

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Do you have all the energy you'd like?
Do you have the health and vigor you used to have? Are your thinking and concentration as sharp as they once were? Is your life filled with as much zest, stamina, and enthusiasm as you'd like?

Recommended Lab Work for Chronic Illness
Find out more information about the nine most recommended tests used to diagnose the root of chronic illnesses...

Health and Wellness Assessment
The Health and Wellness Assessment Form was developed by Dr. Gersten as a tool that provides a comprehensive view of a person's Main Concern (symptom, illness, goal, or experience). This form provides you and your doctor the opportunity to review your Main Concern in the context of your whole life.


How to Get Started
Here's a brief outline of how to get the information you need in order to further explore this treatment...

How We Determine Your Nutritional Supplementary Schedule
After we have your amino acid blood test results in our hands, we put in a great deal of time and effort so that we can turn those numbers into a prescription for your health. We analyze a number of factors...

Frequently Asked Questions
View our FAQ's on working with Dr. Gersten

About Dr. David Gersten
Dr. David Gersten is a medical doctor and diplomate of The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. His current practice and philosophy evolved out of the realization of the limitations of both clinical psychiatry and medicine...



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